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October 2019

Archiving PicoSong (now closed)

PicoSong was a music sharing service closed at the end of October. Nearly 3 GB of file has been saved, using a in-house solution checking the hosting service using random file IDs, from 4 clients running nearly two weeks.

Juillet 2019

Début du projet "Débarquement"

Testing archiving solutions

I have been testing some of the bests archiving solutions such as the eternal Heritrix tool from the Internet Archive, but also Brozzler from the same organization which is focused on filling in the current weaknesses of Heritrix, and Crocoite, another archiving engine developed by an independant developer.

Juin 2019

Releasing a frontend for Crocoite : CrocoiteUI

I have developped a alpha version of a frontend and a scheduler for the Crocoite archiving tool.
It is a NodeJS + Angular application featuring a task queue and an API for job control.

The project is available on Github : frontend and backend.

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