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You are in the new website of Aurélien Surier Garofalo, aka ASGdev.

Student in Computer Networks and Telecommunications, and developer in his spare time.

Here I make some personal projects (open sourced or not) available, which one being lauched after long months of development : ImpresseD. Other nice projects in the pipeline can be discovered on the /dev/ page.

Other works done especially during my shcool and academinc curriculum are available in the page "Works".

I try to keep up-to-date a wiki and a blog, allowing me to report my web browsing, practical lessons and coding experiences.

I am currently student in Computer Networking and Telecommunications at the Clermont-Ferrand 1 University Institute of Technology (University of Auvergne). To learn more about me, visit the "About" section.

Enjoy my website !

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